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Janet Jackson’s State Of The World Tour After Party

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55 year old where? Janet Jackson posted a gorgeous photo of her perfectly plump face (to her Instagram feed) for her six million followers to admire, and you better believe her makeup was all that and then some!

When it comes to makeup, there’s such a thing as doing too much. However, Mrs. Jackson’s (if you’re mean) makeup artist (Preston Meneses) managed to get the art just right. Janet’s face was not out of place and her contours were stunning. Her eyeshadow brought out the brown color in her pupils and her lashes fell perfectly over her eyes. Her eyebrows were lined up strategically and her nude lipstick brought her whole face together.

To match her beautifully painted face, Janet rocked a black turtleneck sweater and a matching black turban wrapped around black and blue braids that sat atop her head. This fabulous boho-chic look Janet de’ Gram gave us reminded us of her trendsetting ’90s styles, and we love it!

Of course, Janet’s fans were here for her impeccably slapped face and beautiful photo. Actress Viola Davis Had To Stop Scrolling To Leave The Comment “Beautiful”



under Janet’s message. While another follower wrote: “Omg Janet you are so beautiful and not aged a bit. That’s my aunt





This post was definitely makeup inspiration. We will definitely save it for our next beat session.


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