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Earlier this week, Lib Dem sources told The Telegraph that Boris Johnson’s recent Peppa Pig fork, below, which saw him lose his speech notes and appear to be talking casually about the animation at a CBI event, had “cut through on the doorstep” “together with the Conservative plans to make changes to farmers’ subsidy payments.

Throughout the campaign, Sir Ed visited the constituency 10 times, while his party produced eye-catching ballots that contrasted a picture of a tearful pensioner (“How she spent last Christmas”) with a laughing Boris Johnson against the background of clinking wine glasses (“How Boris spent last Christmas”). The last time Mr Johnson visited the seat was on December 3, almost two weeks ago.

‘Referendum’ on Boris Johnson’s leadership

In response to the result, Oliver Dowden, chairman of the Conservative Party, said voters in North Shropshire had given the Tories a “kick”.

“The voters in North Shropshire were tired. I think they wanted to send us a message and I would like to say that we as chairman of the Conservative Party have heard it loud and clear,” he told Sky News. “We have to move forward with delivering the task, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

He nevertheless insisted that the Prime Minister was still an “electoral candidate” for the Tories. “Just take the three really big challenges we have faced. Get Brexit done: he has delivered it. We have delivered the fastest booster program in the world twice, and we have seen the economy through this terrible period, with lower unemployment than then we came in. “

Yet Sir Roger Gale, the Tory MP, said the defeat should be seen as a “referendum” on Mr Johnson’s presidency.

Asked why the Tories lost, he told the Today program: “Because voters wanted to send a very clear message to Downing Street that they were unhappy with the leadership of this government.

“I think this should be seen as a referendum on the Prime Minister’s performance, and I think the Prime Minister is now in ‘last orders’ time.

“Already two strikes, one earlier in the week in the Commons poll and now this. One more strike and he’s out.”


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