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By Jacob Phillips, Local Democracy Reporter

The heat from London’s underground tunnels could be used to keep London’s buildings warm.

Westminster City Council is investigating how it could use waste heat from the pipe to heat central London.

In 2019, hot air from a disused Northern Line station was used to heat up to 1,000 homes in Islington in a groundbreaking scheme – and now it could be extended to other areas of London.

At the time, the Greater London Authority estimated that 38 percent of the city’s heat demand could be met using hot air from the subway.

If more of the pipe is used to heat London, huge amounts of energy can be saved.

Speaking in Westminster’s inquiry committee on November 22, Westminster City Council’s Environment Director Amy Jones told councilors how they are seeking to save energy.

She said: “One possibility is to replace one of the gas boilers with a water heat pump that uses water from the Thames.

“Other options [include] capture of waste heat from the London Underground. “

Westminster City Council also burns all autumn leaves collected from its streets and uses the energy to heat homes.

Although the council is exploring innovative ways to reduce its CO2 footprint, its climate emergency action plan says it must do more to be net zero by 2030.

Since 2019, the council has reduced its emissions by 11.6 percent, but it must cut back by 3,700 tonnes of carbon each year to reach its 2030 target.

The council recently set aside £ 110 million of its pension fund for renewable energy.

But the municipality accounts for only two percent of the City of Westminster’s emissions, and councilors have called for more to be done to make private businesses more environmentally friendly.

Westminster City Council and TfL were contacted for comment.

Top of image: The heat generated inside the tunnel’s tunnels could be used to heat London’s buildings

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