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One of the deadly sinners of a particular policy is to bend history to one’s own needs or to give it another version to cope with its problems. Enrico Letta, a very dignified person, is unfortunately not exempt. With the left wing, for the first time in thirty years, not having the names or the voices necessary to impose its own personality on the Quirinale, ours is inventing a series of fake news a day. For example, he compares the hypothesis that the next head of state could be elected by a narrow majority to a catastrophe, indicating that Giovanni Leone with 505 votes, that is, 51.4% of the major voters of the time, is the worst catastrophe. to have happened to our institutions. Forget, though, since mathematics is not an opinion, Giorgio Napolitano, the guiding god of his government, was elected with just a handful of more ballots, 543 (53.8%). Not to mention that – of the Republic’s 12 presidents – 8 were elected with less than 70% of the vote. Therefore, it was the norm, not the exception, to elect a president with a majority in our country.

Clearly, one “fake” leads to another like cherries. The secretary of the Democratic Party, who climbs on the mirrors, notes that no political leader has ever been to the Quirinale: Well, everyone, except De Nicola, has been ministers; 4 was chairman of the council, two deputy prime ministers and two other interior ministers; The DCs were all leaders (except Scalfaro), Napolitano was the leader of the PCI besties and Saragat even founded the PSDI.

If anything, Letta forgets a constant that characterized the First Republic: with PCI kept on the sidelines of its relations with the USSR, to give an idea of ​​the unity of the country, at the top of our institutions the alternation between lay people and Catholics; in the other republic, on the other hand, the tenants of the Quirinale have always been attached to the center-left, while the center-right has always been kept at a safe distance. Today, on the other hand, Read in Difficulty demands that unit choice.

But the grossest “false” relates to the consequences of Draghi’s possible move or not from Palazzo Chigi to the Quirinale. We want to get through the idea that if he did not go up to Colle, he would miss everything. We are ridiculous. If anything, the exact opposite is true. If you move a small detail of the current equilibrium, the whole castle falls down and a government will never do it again. If, on the other hand, nothing changes, starting with the premiere, no one will ever be able to take responsibility in full state of emergency to get out, no matter what new president. What motivation could disappointed people provide, whether they are Draghi or Letta? They would look like someone who loses a football game and takes the ball away. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that all the European chancelleries, none excluded, recommend keeping Draghi in Palazzo Chigi. You can find the confirmation abroad: in the Financial Times articles, on the front page of the Economist, in the analyzes from the rating agency Fitch. But of course not in Italy.

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