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  • Russia has assembled troops close to the border with Ukraine
  • Russian and American presidents discussed Ukraine on December 7
  • The EU and US have warned Russia against invading Ukraine

KYIV, December 15 (Reuters) – Russia has not taken steps to withdraw troops, it has gathered at the border with Ukraine, but there is no sign that a Russian invasion is imminent, a senior Ukrainian security official said on Wednesday.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security and Defense Council, told Reuters in an interview that Russia had 92,000 troops at the border but would need many more if it were to invade Ukraine.

Danilov said that Kyiv remained concerned about the military build-up and that there had been no major change in the situation since a video call on December 7, in which US President Joe Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against invading Ukraine. . Read more

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“Nothing has changed,” said Danilov, whose powerful council brings together senior military and security officials.

“There has been a certain (increase in the number of troops), but not critical enough for us to say: that is what it (an invasion) is going to happen now,” he said.

He said Russia would need at least 500,000-600,000 troops at the border “to keep the situation under control in the event of an offensive.” Read more

Danilov said Russia could increase the number of troops very quickly and at any time, but would spend more than 24 hours bringing enough troops to the border to launch an invasion.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, speaking in an interview with Reuters in Kiev, Ukraine on April 7, 2021. REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko

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Kyiv hoped the West would help it with arms supplies in such an event, he said. Read more

Russia, which annexed the Crimean region from Ukraine in 2014, refuses to plan an attack, but accuses Kiev and the United States of destabilizing behavior. Read more

Moscow has sought security guarantees against the eastern enlargement of NATO, but the military alliance has rejected demands to lift a 2008 commitment to Ukraine that the country may one day become a member. EU leaders have warned of more sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine. Read more

Danilov said Kyiv had no plans to escalate the situation by moving to regain control of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow separatists are fighting Ukrainian government forces.

Ukraine must be a party to any conversation about its desires for NATO membership, he said.

“We will not accept orders from anyone, we will not tolerate any tsar, we are a different kind of people,” he said.

“Is it possible to compromise? Yes, it is possible, but not at the expense of our independence and our country.”

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Written by Olzhas Auyezov, edited by Timothy Heritage

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