Can Cannibal Corpse Keep Playing For Another 30 Years? Paul Mazurkiewicz weighs in – BoilingNews

In a new interview with Shawn Ratches of laughter music, CANNIBIAL corpse drummer and founding member Paul Mazurkiewicz was asked how long he thinks the band can go on. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “As long as we’re all healthy, who knows how long we can last. I never thought when I started out that I’d still be doing this at 53. So, how long can we last? You have to put it on just take this moment day by day. You never know. If you stay healthy and stay active and keep doing it, it just comes down to that – it comes down to the health factor. Because everyone knows – the older you get, there are at any time something can go wrong, be it an illness or an injury or whatever you just go, ‘I can’t take it anymore. It doesn’t matter how much I practice and how much I do the right thing, it makes not off.’ So we just have to take it day by day at this point. There’s no denying it – we’re more at the end of our careers than we were at the beginning. Can we go on for another 30 years? Well, I highly doubt it. I would be 83 to do this… That would be unbelievable [if we could still do it at that age], but I would almost think that would be a little impossible. I think it’s possible – who knows? We do not know. No one has done it in the extreme form in that sense.

“When you had [THE ROLLING STONES drummer] Charlie Watts he’s still doing it at age 80, which is great,” he continued. “So the fact that he’s still drumming and on stage at age 80 is unbelievable. i just met Carmine Appice recently, and he’s 75. And the guy’s still there and playing and doing his thing – though it may not be extreme death metal, but still, he’s playing drums up there…

“So you never know. You look at it day by day,” he repeated. “As long as we’re healthy and we’re feeling great and things are going well that way, who’s to say we can’t last another 20 years. But who knows?”

CANNIBIAL corpsethe 15th studio album, “Violence unimaginable”, was released in April via Metal Blade Records. Erik Rutan, one of death metal’s most acclaimed guitarists known for his time as part of MORBID ANGEL throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as handling vocals/guitar for HATE FOREVER, lent his guitar and production skills to the effort, which was recorded in his where is recording in Saint Petersburg, Florida. rutan previously produced four CANNIBIAL corpse albums (next to “Violence unimaginable”), in addition to the will of GOAT WHORE, SOILENT GREEN and BELPHEGOR. Live on guitar since 2019, in 2020 he became a full member and contributed to the writing process.

In a 2017 interview with aesthetic magazine, Mazurkiewicz said about CANNIBIAL corpse‘s longevity: “It’s about the love of the music. We’re lucky that we started 30 years ago and had immediate success where everything went great. We all love to play and write songs, and after fourteen records, we just want to keep moving forward and we feel like we always have, and the popularity just grows with the band, we love to create and write the perfect brutal death metal CANNIBIAL corpse song and I think we must have clearly achieved that to last that long.”

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